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          1. Company Profile

            Spintrue Tech. Co., Ltd. established in November, 2011, is dedicated in manufacturing spindles.? The Spintrue team consists of professionals with working experience at the Industrial Technology Research Institute and established Taiwan spindle manufacturers.? The professional team possess valuable design and assembly experience over the past few decades.? To reach high quality standard and to win the trust from customers, we pay excruciating attention to details in each step of the spindle manufacturing process from material selection, machining, heat treatment, precision assembly, life test and packaging.?Each procedure is managed with rigorous quality control system to ensure the

            spindle durability and stability. It is not only to give customer a peace of mind also a contribution to the environment protection on earth; using resources effectively to provide maximum functionality.?
            This set us apart from other spindle manufacturers as we insist in making the best quality products.

            Business Philosophy
            Quality First
            We insist on quality to meet customer requirement and to win customer’s trust
            Technology Innovation
            We engage in developing high-performance, high quality spindles and customer tailored products to enhance customer’s overall competitiveness.
            Value added service
            We promptly respond to customer request, in solving customer issues and to create added value for customer.
            Vigorous Spirit to Perform
            Vigorous Spirit to Perform is in Chinese culture; industrious, kind, with integrity and courage to forge ahead to benefit all human beings. Spintrue business is focused on customers and to be a corporate citizen to give back to the society.


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